Exhibition result registration

Cats exhibited for full recognition

At least 40 different cats of the breed must each have been exhibited in show classes 7 – 12 in at least different shows during the preliminary recognition phase; at least 15 of these cats must have the title PIC/PIP registered

All these cats must have been entered for shows in accordance with their registered pedigree details

Each cat must have been judged by at least different judges (countersigning is possible)

All these cats must have received the qualification “Excellent” from the judges

The shows must have been organised in at least different countries

All these cats must be owned or bred by a FIFe Member’s individual member

All these cats must have been correctly registered according to FIFe rules in the Pedigree Books of at least different FIFe Member countries

All these cats must have pedigrees in accordance with 4.5.

Please send in your cats exhibition resluts by filling this form!

The necessary information and documentation must be sent on a regular basis to the commissions.

The situation so far: