Breeding & Registration

Breeding & registration rules

7                 Rules for preliminary recognised breeds

The rules regarding an individual preliminary recognised breed shall be transferred to § 6 if and when full recognition is obtained for the breed.

If full recognition is not obtained before the period for preliminary recognition has expired:

  • the breed with preliminary recognition will automatically be transferred to the list of non- recognised breeds with their preliminary abbreviations in § 8.1 and the EMS code will be followed by a “non”
  • the rules regarding the breed will be transferred to 8
  • registration of cats born and preliminary titles achieved during the Preliminary Recognition phase will remain as they are
  • cats born after the Preliminary Recognition phase must be registered in the RIEX register and “non” added after the breed abbreviation to indicate that this is now a non-recognised

Breeding & Registration Rules § 7

 7.2 BOM (Bombay)


BOM  is a solid black cat. No other color nor any pattern shall be recognised by the FIFe.

Permitted outcross is Burmese brown (BURn) and AMS.

All colors of Burmese (BUR) are permitted in the ancestry.



Appearances of offspring and how these must be registered

When mating BOM x BOM or when mating BOM x BURn/XSHn 31 [BOM] and BOM x AMS


EMS code

Breeding and registration restrictions



Can only be used for breeding BOM

burmese pointed: brown

XSH n 31 [BOM ]

Can be used for breeding BOM ,

cannot be re-registered

any other variety

XSH * <BOM >

Cannot be used for breeding BOM , cannot be re-registered

* means additional information following the EMS-system; i.e. lower case basic color letter etc.


When breeding BOM :

  • All cats used in breeding must have a DNA-test forBHD, unless both parents are proven to be free from BHD
  • These breeding principles are to be followed:

BHD-free x BHD-free

BHD-free x BHD-carrier

  • Test results must be registered and published in accordance with § 3.5.1
  • The breeder must inform buyers of Bombay cats about the BHD and the registration policy

It is highly recommended to test breeding cats for chocolate and dilute to avoid non -recognised colours in the offspring.