Breed Council

Breed Council

Breed Councils provide a voice for individuals with an interest in a breed, and some experience of working with it, within the FIFe structure. Breed Councils are represented at the General Assembly by the Breed Council Administrator who will present the opinions provided by the individual breed councils on the relevant proposals.

Every breed acknowledged by FIFe may have a Breed Council. All that is needed is one person to initiate the process and someone willing to act as the Secretary so that a chain of communication can be created between the General Assembly, the Board, the Commissions and the individual. Once the Breed Council is set up, it should actively seek new members from within its breed group across the organisation so that it will achieve the ultimate goal of being able to forward proposals to the General Assembly in accordance with the Rules.

For Breed Councils of breeds which are not fully recognised the following requirements apply:

  1. A member must have a FIFe registered cattery name.
  2. A member must be at least 25 years old and must be a member in good standing, for at least 2 calendar years, of a National FIFe Member.
  3. A member must have bred and registered with a National FIFe Member at least 1 litter of the appropriate breed.

A National FIFe Member may grant exceptions regarding the requirement 3 for membership of a Breed Council on a motivated application from the breeder.

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